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De l’antiquité à la sculpture

sculptures, antiques
Two « L » form my initials, Laurence Lenglare – L as in Laterality, meaning two Lines of activity. I’ve been an Antique dealer at the Paul Bert market (North Paris Flea Market) for twenty five years, and later became passionately involved in sculpting, guided by Corinne Forget, my instructor in Angers, France.

What I like most is working with the more sensual terracotta. I get my inspiration from paintings – from Fayoum portraits up to now – and am fascinated by curiosity cabinets. I have therefore created a series of terracotta artists’ portraits, as well as strange animals. Every weekend I fly away from my big house and workshop in Anjou, to land at the Paul Bert market where I showed my work for the first time in October 2008 at the “Fête des Puces”. I will renew this experience this year.


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